E50 – Profound 79

Editions of 50 are unique collaborations between Artists and Eyeland Graphics Studios.  Each project is unique in its process, production and packaging.  The first Edition of 50 is a t-shirts and music album created by Wes Pickell of Eyeland Graphics, and Warren Ash Dickinson aka Profound 79.   We spent months going back and forth adding layers into the design.   The concept in the design is part chance, part process, part story.   Each shirt is unique in many ways.  There is a layer in the design that is printed with a wavy ink style.  The shirt was printed multiple times around the press the green hand style was printed after the initial background design was printed, it was an after thought.   but it very much adds and completes the design.   Each shirt is numbered 1-30, there were 10 AP, and 10 P for Promo.   These were the MOST unique, and colorful editions.

There shirts were folded and placed in a zip-lock bag with a few extra items.  The most important item is a 31 track beat tape on a custom printed USB drive.